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The new EDF-SPoon engine

The EDF is getting a new name for its EDF Spoon engine, which will be able to provide “significant improvements in energy density” for “modern” aircraft engines.

The new EDS-SPool engine is described by the German company as being able to achieve “an energy density of up to 10% more than the existing EDS engines” and that it will be “in a category of its own”.

Engine designers have also been given access to the company’s new design software and can now design engines with the new engines in mind, it says.

The EDS engine will be developed in cooperation with French aerospace giant Thales Alenia Space, which has already signed a contract to supply the engine to the EDF.

The engines, which have a range of 1,600km (1,000nm) and will be in service by 2025, are expected to be used on Thales E-4B Hawkeye fighter jets, Thales’ A320neo jet and the Airbus A320-200.

In a statement, the German government said that the new engine will help the EADS team “better understand the challenges and opportunities of the next decade”.

“It will be the next step to meet the energy demands of future airplanes, especially when it comes to air defence,” it added.

The name change came after the EDS team was given access by Thales to its design software, which allowed them to make changes to the engine’s design.

The name was also revealed at a press conference, where the company said the new Edspool engine could be in the air in 2021.

“Our engineers have already been working with the EAD team to further refine the EWD engines’ design to suit the requirements of future aircraft and for the future,” a Thales spokesperson said.

“This is the first step towards the ED engine, with the first flight in 2021,” the spokesperson added.