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Nelson racing engines are up for sale, new engine manufacturer could be unveiled at next month’s Frankfurt Motor Show

NEW YORK — New details about the Nelson Racing engines being offered to buyers at a show in Frankfurt, Germany, are emerging.

One of the major selling points is that the engines are built by Nelson, which means the engines could be sold to the private sector.

In a press release, Nelson said it has been selling Nelson racing engine kits at auctions for the last several years, but that sales will likely accelerate in the next few weeks, and that the Nelson brand name is being used as a branding tool.

“The Nelson racing vehicles, as well as other products from Nelson’s racing division, are used in NASCAR, IMSA, the US Olympic Track, and many other events,” the release said.

“New Nelson engines are designed to be highly competitive with a large variety of applications in the world of racing, including off-road, high performance, touring, and endurance racing.”

In recent years, the cars that Nelson has built have come in a variety of models, including the “Nelson K20,” which is an engine developed specifically for the K20 road racing series.

Nelson says it will be offering more than 40 different versions of the K200 road racing car.

The Nelson K20 is a highly competitive engine.

It can deliver more than 550 horsepower and a top speed of over 200 mph.

“Norseman racing cars have always been built on the same principles that Nelson racing teams use,” the statement said.

Nelson is also offering a number of different versions for the Ford Mustang, as it continues to move towards an all-new Mustang design.

“These new engines will be able to deliver an incredible amount of torque, power, and efficiency,” the company said.

The company also said it will offer two variants of the “G.L.P.R.” engine, which is a twin-turbo, four-valve engine developed for the F-Series supercar.

The new engines are not expected to be sold as a single product, but as parts for other cars, and Nelson is planning to offer them in the US and Europe.

“We are very excited to be working with the Nelson family on the new Nelson racing product line,” Nelson CEO James O’Donnell said in a statement.

“As we continue to develop the next generation of our racing vehicles for the upcoming generation of supercars, we are looking forward to continuing to expand our racing platform with our own racing product lines.”

For the new cars, the company is introducing two new engines, the “GT-T” engine and the “L1/L2/L3/L4” engine.

Both engines have been designed to produce 500 horsepower, which will allow for a range of power outputs that will be competitive with today’s cars.

Nelson will offer the “V-Series” engine for the GT-T and the V-Series for the VF-T.

“Each new Nelson engine will be built on a unique platform, and they will all be unique,” the press release said, “including the GTT and VF T engines.”

The new Nelson cars will be powered by an all new 4.5-liter V-12 that is a direct competitor to today’s V-8 engines.

The engines are rated at a maximum output of 5,000 horsepower and are expected to produce up to 1,000 hp at the wheels.

The vehicles will be available to customers in two models: the “SX” which is the “supercar version” of the engine; and the higher-end “V6” which has the same maximum output but with a more powerful V-6.

The “G-Series”, as it is being called, is a higher-powered version of the V6.

According to the release, “This will be a very competitive, exciting product line that will provide the fans with a very special brand new vehicle to drive.”

Nelson is offering the cars for $1.1 million.

In order to sell them, the Nelson team will have to show the cars to potential buyers in person, the release stated.

“Once a buyer sees the car, they will have the opportunity to evaluate the car in real-world conditions,” the news release said and added that “all buyers will also receive a digital sticker and a unique Nelson badge for their car.”

The Nelson Racing team is making the cars available to the public for a limited time.

“For those who wish to take a look at the cars, we recommend you call or email the Nelson Performance Team at (888) 945-3350 and ask to have a private meeting with one of the team members,” the website for the Nelson racing team stated.

The team will also be working to make the vehicles available to prospective buyers through a series of events in the United States and Europe starting in June.

Nelson Racing is currently working on the “Racing Series” supercar, a vehicle that