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How does a marine engine work?

In the world of high-tech, marine engines are used to power a variety of equipment from fishing boats to submarines.

In fact, the marine engine can be the backbone of a whole fleet of vessels, powering ships for decades to come.

And they’re not the only thing they’re used for.

Marine engines can power airplanes, helicopters, ships, submarines, drones, boats and other heavy equipment, as well as vehicles.

Here are the basic components of a marine electric motor.


The marine engine engine 2.

The water engine 3.

The engine block 4.

The battery 5.

The motor 6.

The generator 7.

The pump 8.

The propeller 9.

The fan 10.

The batteries and batteries charger 11.

The electrical box 12.

The cooling system 13.

The bearings 14.

The transmission 15.

The distributor 16.

The regulator 17.

The oiler 18.

The compressor 19.

The turbine 20.

The valve 21.

The sealant 22.

The vacuum seal 23.

The lubricant 24.

The filter 25.

The air compressor 26.

The hydraulic compressor 27.

The compression spring 28.

The impeller 29.

The bearing nut 30.

The camshaft 31.

The timing belt 32.

The cylinder 33.

The piston 34.

The spark plug 35.

The fuel tank 36.

The tank 27.

The motor 28.

The propeller 29