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Why you should not buy a Tesla Model S in 2018

Dear Tesla fans, here are some things to know about the new Model S that may make your life easier: 1.

Tesla Model Y is available in four color options: white, blue, red, and yellow.


The car can be ordered as an electric car, a sedan, a crossover, or as a crossover with a 4-door or 6-door sedan.


The Model Y will be available in three trim levels, with the base model priced at $69,000.


The base model is a “gig-economy” version of the Model S, which is meant to appeal to the “giga-car fan.”


The new Model Y sedan has an 8-inch touchscreen and a 15-inch display.


The first 100,000 Model Y sedans will come with “smart suspension,” which allows the driver to adjust steering and suspension to fit their driving style.


The $1,000 base price of the new sedan includes a $5,000 upgrade to a “premium premium” model, which can offer upgraded features like cruise control, adaptive cruise control (AC), lane departure warning, automatic braking, lane keeping assist, and lane keeping alerts.


The standard model will cost $99,000 and the “premier premium” will cost more.


The “premiere premium” version is meant for the “supercar buyer” who wants to have the latest features.


The Premium and Premium Plus models can be purchased separately.


The upgraded Model Y crossover, which will include a more powerful, more fuel-efficient version of its current design, is expected to go on sale in 2019.


The company is aiming for a fleet of up to 2,500 vehicles per year.


The next-generation Model 3 sedan is expected later this year.