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How to build an industrial space in a classroom

The future of the workplace is about making machines that do our jobs better, so why not build one that does ours better?

As the industrial revolution came to an end, some people thought that there were plenty of good options for building factories.

But today, with new manufacturing technologies, we know that many of them have problems: a lack of automation, a lack for high-quality components, a need to build for a specific purpose and a need for a lot of space.

How to make it work?

It’s easy to get caught up in building the perfect factory for a particular purpose.

In our quest to make a factory that does the job best for our industry, we must be mindful of how the factory will be used and its role in the society.

This is why industrial design is so important.

If the factory does not function as a machine, how will people get out of their jobs?

How will we provide a sustainable and secure future?

This article first appeared on The Conversation.