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Google to Pay More for Data Engineers with Data Engineer Salary

Google has announced it will pay more to data engineers, who provide data crunching to the company.

According to a new study by a leading data science firm, the search giant is now paying data engineers a $1,400-per-month salary, up from the previous $1.40 per month.

The increase is to be paid over a three-year period starting in 2021.

The firm said the increase was driven by an increased demand for data science positions in the data engineering space and increased salary growth due to recent high-profile hires of data engineers.

The average salary increase for data engineers is up by $300 per month, the firm said.

The average increase for software engineers is also up by nearly $300.

Google also said it is adding data scientists to its ranks.

The company said it would hire 100 more data scientists and 50 more software engineers, which will result in a total of 1,000 new data scientists in 2021 and 1,100 new software engineers in 2022.

The data scientists will be paid $1 million to $2 million a year in 2021, with the total salary increases going to $3 million in 2021-2023.

Google has previously said it wanted to increase its data science team by 100 to 250 by 2021 and then up to 1,500 data scientists by 2022.