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The UK’s biggest car show returns in 2018

An official website for the annual Car Show in London, which will kick off on Friday, has announced a new programme for the year ahead, including a new entry in the car show’s “tradition”. 

The 2018 event will be the first to be run in London since the coronavirus pandemic in mid-November, and the official site has confirmed it will be held in the city’s new Exhibition Road. 

“Our aim is to bring people together and celebrate the best cars on the planet, with the best brands,” said Richard Jones, president of the Car Show. 

The event will take place in two stages, with each stage culminating in a “celebratory” car show event. 

An official programme announcement is expected to be made in the coming days. 

It is likely to see several cars on show, including the brand new Ford Focus, the Nissan Maxima, and BMW’s upcoming X3 electric crossover. 

British car companies have already announced that they will not be exhibiting at the event, as the coronovirus pandemics have hit their home market. 

However, the UK government is expected this year to introduce a new “covid free” car industry plan, which includes banning all manufacturing of new models in the UK for three months.