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How to fix the space engine issue

A few months ago, the space agency began investigating a new set of software fixes to fix a bug that caused the space station’s engines to shut down prematurely.

Now, a new analysis has found that the issue was caused by a hardware failure, rather than a software bug.

The problem arose when a sensor in the space shuttle’s thrusters failed, causing the engines to fail.

The software was designed to automatically restart the engines after a hardware problem, and the software failed, triggering a software reboot that brought the problem to light.

“The main cause of this issue was that the hardware failed,” NASA spokesperson Julie Barrington told TechRadar.

“The software failed.

So, we knew that this was a software failure, and we were able to fix it.”

The software fix wasn’t as simple as installing new software.

“A lot of the hardware we tested was older, and some of it wasn’t even designed to have this sort of problem,” Barrington said.

“And so we were testing with older hardware, and our testing has shown that even older hardware will have this problem.

So the software is the culprit, not the hardware.”

The problem was first spotted by NASA in late 2016, when an analysis of data from the orbiter showed that the space system was no longer operating correctly.

The software issue caused the engines, the main spacecraft in the ISS, to shut off prematurely, causing an explosion that killed all five crew members onboard.

The space agency was able to find no evidence of any other problems, and no evidence that the software was the cause.NASA has since spent millions of dollars to test the new hardware, with results showing that the system is functioning properly.

But the software fix hasn’t yet been tested by NASA’s fleet of space shuttles, and it remains unclear how long it will take for the software to be fixed.

The agency’s investigation into the space-shuttle hardware failure is still ongoing.

Barrington did not offer any further details about what the investigation might find, and she said it was not clear if the software issue was related to that investigation.

“We don’t have any details to share about this case right now,” Barrington said.