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‘I can’t do this anymore’: Irish dad’s son struggles to cope with new life in America

A father who came to the US as a child has said his son cannot cope with the new reality of life in the US, despite living in Ireland.

https://www.irishtimes.com/opinion/op-ed/irish-dad-s-son-talks-about-living-in-the-united-states-now-a-man-1.111519 Ian McCall, who is originally from Co Cork but now lives in Florida, said he was forced to move to the United States when his son was six months old.

He told the Irish Times that his son and his mother had moved to Texas with the hope of finding work in the tourism industry, but it was hard to find a job.

“I’m not a big tourist, but I’m really into traveling,” Mr McCall said.

His son was also struggling to find work after graduating from university, he said.

“He (his father) said he would take a job with the National Guard but the Guard said they wouldn’t be paying him.

My son has been a hard man to care for,” he said, adding that his wife and daughter had also left the family to find jobs.

“It’s hard to cope.

I can’t help him.

I’ve just got to go back to where I was.”

Mr McCall was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of 19 and was forced by his doctors to leave the country.

The family was not able to afford the cost of a plane ticket, which Mr McCalldys son was unable to afford and he had to take his own flight.

Despite this, Mr McCellans son was able to find good work in hotels, restaurants and in construction.

Now, he is struggling to get by.

“I just need to get through it, but now it’s hard because I can only take two meals a day,” he added.

When he finally did find work in 2013, Mr McCollill said he found it hard to adjust.

“When I first came here I was just trying to figure out what I wanted to do.

I wanted a job and I didn’t really know how,” he explained.

But after working in construction and in the hospitality industry for about six months, he found a job working at a bar.

In 2017, he was diagnosed and started a treatment plan to help him cope with his diabetes.

Mr McCell was unable in the summer to get the treatment and Mr McCill said it was difficult for him to take care of his family and himself.

Although Mr McColl said his family is very proud of their Irish roots, he also found it difficult to accept his new life.

I can hardly look after myself.

After his diagnosis, Mr McKell and his family had been living in an apartment for two months.

“We couldn’t afford to buy anything, we couldn’t have anything, but we still needed the rent,” he recalled.

While he had been struggling financially, Mr MacLeod was unable pay the rent on his home.

At the time, Mr MacDonald said that he was “very proud” of his Irish heritage.

“Irish people are good people, we’re good at life.

I’m not saying they are better than Americans, but they’re better at life,” he told the BBC.

For now, Mr McIntyall said he could afford to pay his rent and was able “to give the kids what they need”.

“I can just live with myself and do what I want with my life,” Mr MacLeys said.

“It’s good, I’m going to have to deal with it,” he continued.