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Electric engineer sells unusual engineering products to customers

An electric engineer is selling products that are designed to help people in their everyday lives.

His company, Strange Engineering, is the first in India to be licensed to sell the products.

The company is working with companies in the field of bioengineering and bio-remediation.

The products are not intended to be used for personal enhancement or treatment but rather for the improvement of the human condition.

“People in this country have a high tolerance to toxins, so these are designed for the everyday use.

We don’t want people to use them as a substitute for a traditional medical procedure,” said Dr A Ravi Kumar, co-founder of Strange Engineering.

The products are designed with the idea of using bioengineers’ knowledge to enhance people’s everyday lives by improving their health, digestion and general wellbeing.

The aim is to improve the quality of life of people by increasing their mental and physical well-being.

Dr Kumar said the company had approached a number of government agencies to help it with regulatory approval and has already been approved by the Department of Consumer Affairs.

“We have received a lot of support from the government agencies, who have supported us in our application,” he said.

Strange Engineering has already taken orders from hospitals and health facilities in India, which have been testing products.

“Our products are currently available at the hospitals and the health centres,” Dr Kumar added.