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Microsoft has acquired Bing Search Engine in a $200m deal, reports WSJ

BYLINE: April 02, 2019 07:45:52Microsoft on Wednesday acquired Bing search engine and related services from Google, expanding its business in search.

The move is the latest sign that Microsoft is moving away from its traditional search business, with search increasingly dominated by Google, which dominates the U.S. market.

Google said in February it had reached a deal to buy the search engine company for $200 million.

Microsoft has already been selling Bing search services in other countries, including Canada, but it was not clear Wednesday how much of its core search business is now under Microsoft’s control.

In a statement, Microsoft said it would use its resources to ensure Bing remains “a central part of the search experience for millions of people around the world.”

“We are committed to delivering an experience for our users that is as powerful and engaging as our search partners, and we’re excited to be bringing Bing to more people around North America and around the globe,” said Eric Kowalczyk, the company’s chief financial officer.

Google said in December it would acquire Bing search and other products from Microsoft, including Bing search, and would continue to invest in Bing as it develops more products and services for the search giant.

Microsoft has been experimenting with the acquisition of Google’s business.

In addition to Bing, Google also owns YouTube and its own search engine.

Microsoft’s move into search is part of a broader effort by the company to bolster its search business and help it compete with Google’s dominance in the world’s biggest search engine market.

In addition to the Bing deal, Microsoft also bought Yahoo, the social media company, in February.

Microsoft announced a $600 million purchase of its cloud computing company in March to expand its Azure cloud computing offering and accelerate its data center investments.

Microsoft also has been working to expand search beyond search to other parts of its business.

Microsoft is working on a search-driven ad-supported subscription service that it hopes will be ready in 2021, and is developing its own online advertising platform.