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The Coolant Chute

The Coolants Coolant chute is a piece of kit designed to allow for installation of cooling fans or fans that require a hose clamp.

The chute comes in two sizes and is made from steel and aluminum, but it’s a great solution for those who just want to install the chute and don’t have a whole lot of tubing laying around.

The Coolantchute kit includes: A large, removable plastic bag that is attached to the chutes neck to keep the cooler in place while it is installed.

The CoolAntec CoolantChute Kit includes: Two large, plastic bags, one each for the two coolant channels.

The bags will fit into the CoolantChannel. 

A coolant hose clamp, which is a hook-and-loop hose clamp that fits onto the coolant channel, and holds the coolants hose in place.

The coolantchutes coolantchannel. 

The CoolantsCoolantChutes coolantsheater. 

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