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Uber’s IPO is a nightmare for search engine engineers

Google is suing Uber for $20 billion over alleged abuse of its search engine platform, alleging that the ride-hailing company has abused its search business to push its own results ahead of competitors.

Google’s lawsuit was filed Friday in a San Francisco federal court and is seeking damages from Uber over its search advertising, as well as antitrust and trademark infringement.

Uber says the lawsuit is “unfair, frivolous, and overbroad” and “will undermine the company’s reputation.”

The lawsuit alleges that Uber used its monopoly power to block competitors from competing on its platform, and then used its dominance to force them to pay to advertise on its results.

Google’s complaint says Uber is an “infringing” entity.

It is not immediately clear how much money Google wants in the case.

The suit also accuses Uber of infringing on Google’s copyrights in the word search engine in which its competitors use the term “driverless car.”

Uber also says that it is using its search algorithms to “prevent Google from being the sole provider of the world’s best search engine,” and to ensure that Google’s search engine will be the “default” one used by search engine companies.

The lawsuit accuses Uber, its employees and the Google search engine of having a “systemic, pervasive, and systematic conspiracy” to manipulate search results, which is illegal under antitrust laws.

The Google search giant also said Uber had abused its monopoly in the search industry by favoring its own search results over those of competitors, even as Uber’s own search engine was the most searched search engine on Google.

Uber is seeking $18 billion in damages, including $4 billion for damages for each of the three search engine competitors.

The company has also sought to recover damages from Google’s former CEO Sundar Pichai, the complaint said.

Pichai said Friday that the lawsuit was “a joke.”

He did not respond to a request for comment.PICTURE: The Google logo.