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Google and Bing: Where the money is?

The search engine giant and Bing, the search engine for the Internet, announced Wednesday that they are merging their businesses, with Google now providing Bing search engine and Bing search advertising for the former.

Google said it would create an independent, search-related division for Bing.

The move is expected to bring $4.8 billion in revenue for Google in 2021, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Bing said in a statement that it will work closely with Google to provide the best search experience for people in its core businesses.

“Our search engine is a key component of our search advertising platform, and we’re excited about the possibilities it presents for both Google and our advertisers,” the company said.

Google will also create a Bing search partner for search advertisers.

The partners will provide search results that align with the search needs of advertisers.BING will also invest $4 billion to grow its business and bring more users into the Bing experience.