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Mercedes-Benz AMG SLS AMG Coupé to return next season at Le Mans

Mercedes-AMG has announced that the next season of the Formula E series will be its last.

The sports car manufacturer announced the news in a press release, which did not offer any further details.

The announcement follows a recent report in the German press, in which the French manufacturer claimed to have completed an engine swap with Audi to make the 2018 Mercedes-Amgen SLS GT3 a “completely new” model.

“With the Mercedes-BMW SLS Coupé we are committed to the race series,” Mercedes AMG CEO Rupert Stadler said in the statement.

“The 2018 SLS is the first time that Mercedes-amgen has completed an extensive engine swap, with the aim of building a fully new SLS for next season.

The new SLEC engine is an evolution of the 2018 SEL and the 2018-2021 model.”

It is not clear what form this will take in the 2018 season, with an early 2019 announcement unlikely.

But Mercedes-Mercedes has been keen to give fans a reason to keep buying the luxury brand’s brand new AMG GT.

The company recently announced that its first ever “premium” model, the new AMGs SLS, would be available to order from 2018, with production set to begin in 2020.

The 2018 AMG’s production will also come under the purview of Mercedes-Nissan.