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5 stroke engine for Google search engine

The search engine giant is set to release a new search engine that will enable users to search for the word “4 stroke” in just a few taps.

The new search app, which is still in beta, will reportedly support “four stroke” and will allow users to type the phrase “4 strokes” in the search bar and then hit enter.

Users will also be able to see “4” in their search results.

It is not clear if the new search will also allow users searching for the phrase 4 stroke, or if it will simply be part of the Google search app.

4 stroke engines are currently used by Google’s search engine to search and categorise search results, and were used by the company in the past to help with its image search algorithm.

The company first introduced its search engine 4 stroke engine in 2014.

However, the company recently announced that it would be making a concerted effort to roll out the search engine with more “advanced features” to improve the quality of the search results it produces.