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Jeremy Clarkson’s new job as a speed engineer puts him in a race to earn a Formula One seat

Jeremy Clarkson, James May, James June, Richard Hammond and Richard Hammond are all currently working on their new shows on the BBC, with the trio set to headline the new season of Top Gear, which premieres on BBC2 on October 18.

According to the Daily Mail, the trio will headline the second season of the show in 2019 and are set to “win the title of the fastest driving engineer in the world”.

The new show will be a reboot of the BBC’s Top Gear.

Clarkson, May, Hammond and June have been competing for the title for the past few years.

Hammond’s new role at the BBC has seen him be involved in various projects, most recently working on the show as a stuntman.

The Daily Mail also claims that the trio are planning to film an episode of the new series.

Last year, Hammond posted a picture of himself riding a motorcycle while filming the show, which was widely seen as a tribute to Clarkson.

Jeremy Clarkson will host his own series of Top Grades, which will air on the channel in 2019, and will join the likes of Peter Capaldi, James Corden, Richard III and Sir Elton John as a presenter.

The show, titled Top Grumps, will consist of four new episodes a week.